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To understand Animals Issues…

Clanimal is convinced that after having put in place
the measures and solutions proposed in this editorial
series (with any improvements that can be added as well!),
we will be able to say that we have started to clean up,
once and for all,  our act, and that finally Quebec can
start to be considered a place where animals are sincerely
respected and treated properly, and only then Quebec could
serve as a role model for other jurisdictions!

Now, a “small” existential question:” What is the logic
behind having the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and
Food (nb: loose translation) responsible for the management
of animal issues  in Quebec? Other than being a fish,
verifying cleanliness in restaurants or the price of milk
or soy, and saying that it is the same thing as the
protection and the respect of the animal well-being
in society, we do not see any logic in this government
thinking process!

You're Not Alone Dog

Seriously, has an inspector going from
one restaurant to another, has the time and
the interest, to go to the countryside to
flush out the puppy mills hiding there?

Clanimal would see the wildlife protection officers
from the Ministry of Forest, Fauna and Parks
whose number requires a major increase!) as the real
people to do the job (and their philosophy is to:
Protect, Educate and Prevent). What is the government
waiting for acting appropriately? What are we doing to
change things? It is our responsibility to do what
is necessary, and that is what Clanimal proposes to all of you.

No one has ever approached, like Clanimal is doing now,
the animal situation  with a good dose of pragmatism,
realism and a business approach, like Clanimal has done
and is doing. It cannot be just the “emotional” approach,
as being to often the case (nothing gets achieve…hey
it’s been like that for the last 25 years…right?)

It is imperative to calculate  the cost in veterinary services,
in time/men to manage these issues (at the civil/criminal and
administrative levels) and in taxes (and income tax) that are
not collected, and last but not least, in terms of time and
money spent by everyone working for the cause of animals!

Not being actuaries or economist working for us, Clanimal
would be seriously interested to build files with people
in these disciplines to establish, for the authorities:

A) costs incurred by these problems (we have identified),
B) costs of implementing the solutions Clanimal sees, and,
C) how much revenue would the measures before would bring
in the government coffers?

Dogs Teaches About Love

Finally, a solid structure is required to be put in place,
not to lose control and miss our targets to , once and for all,
resolve these problems!

Count on Clanimal to lead the charge…with you!

Dogs Last Will Testament

Now, has we have been inviting you in the last 2-3 weeks to do,
we invite you to read the different editorials written on the
present matter that you can read at the Learning Center/human/editorials (click here),
or start your animal education by completing  Matchmaking Dogs with You 
and please share it with your friends and family to help a dog
and its future guardian!

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