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The Population the Pit bulls of Montreal in danger

I was looking for a title for this article that would
attract the attention, while it reflects the feeling
shared by the silent majority (for various motives
different from one and another) it would also represent
the immaturity, the lack of empathy and the total lack of
respect for the majority of dog guardians in Montreal
(and soon toward all the guardians in Quebec) from
the 2 parties involved: Municipal administration and SPCA.

Last Friday morning (Oct. 14th) I’ve spent the entire
morning at the Appeal Court witnessing a real Coq Fight,
costing tens of thousands of dollars to SPCA contributors,
as to the Montreal tax payers (ending up in lots more than that),
for which I invite both sides to be transparent and
honest to tell; us, at the end, how much this “pissing contest”
will have ended up costing, most likely to keep things unchanged
(other than to lighten our pockets for Montreal) and
to show lack of leadership (for the SPCA).

We have published a summary that we wanted honest about the
representations made by each side, to get the Appeal Court
to suspend “TEMPORARLY” the Montreal by-law about dangerous
animals, until another Judge determines the faith of it
definitively , allowing Montreal or not, to legislate in such
a way, and mostly ton what extent!


We’ve all been “hoodwinked” by this Judicial Circus
about the pit-bull

We’ve all been “hoodwinked” by this Judicial Circus, since
each side spins the facts, to shape the news in such a way,
to give each side the advantage over the other side.
We all agree that we live in a State of Law, where legislation
and the Courts act as the guarding walls to our society’s relations,
and we must now find out that for the “X time”, the result
will be to help a small group of individuals (the lawyers) to be
the only ones to make money, also to pull a wool over the population eyes,
making it believe that it is secured and protected (by Montreal)
and that it respects its mission since 1869 (the SPCA).

Clanimal therefore challenges the City of Montreal and the SPCA
to take whatever amounts of money having been budgeted for this
useless “pissing contest” and to use it for a neutering and spaying
program for cats and dogs, or for supporting a program of care for
the animals of homeless people (where even the veterinarian time
could be given). This way, tax payers and donors’ money could be
better used! What do you think?



Let’s look at what we mean, starting by:

a)         lawyers:

bright and understanding the issues, their mandate would be to present
their respective clients positions, in a manner respectful of financial
and procedural proportionality (this in respect of the new code
of procedure).

As we are concerned, the lawyers could have easily convinced their
clients to attend a  conciliation or mediation session, where the
differences and mostly common elements, could serve as the canvas
for the mutually arrived design, of a longer-term solution!

b)         City of Montreal:

Responsible for the protection, the security, good management of
public finance and  resources, its responsibility toward taxpayers
is to act with vision and leadership, and mostly  not  to swipe
the problem under the rug instead to resolve it intelligently.

So it is not by banning a “type” of dog (not a breed), giving the
illusion of protection and  security by requiring dog to wear
an alti/gentle leader and/or harness (Section 21 for dogs above 20 kg),
or clearly aiming at the financial reward (fines) as the finality of
the by-law, that the City of Montreal would respect its mandate
toward the taxpayers!

It is like that, at 4 am when you cannot sleep, you get up,
get the credit card and call the 1-800  number at the bottom of
the TV screen, and make a donation of 50$ to help the poor starving
child you see on TV, and then, having cleared your conscience,
you go back to bed, without  having done something substantial to resolve
the kid recurrent malnutrition problem!


for the SPCA:

Its mission is to “supply the means to prevent cruelty toward
animals and to seek constantly to  improve their treatment by humans ,
through public education, the defence of animal rights, inspections,
shelter services and co-operation with allied organizations;

So by being “proactive” wouldn’t the SPCA fulfill its mission even
better by favouring long-term education to make animal guardians
more responsible, by preparing legislation that resolve many of
the animal problems (and not just raise money once a year,
for example…cats and dogs neutering and spaying or for animal
abandonments during moving period).

Number of volunteers “wearing their heart on their sleeves” are
ready to continue helping  animals through the SPCA as long as
it is ready to reinvent itself to fulfill its mission!

In the  meanwhile, the City of Montreal and the SPCA are looking
to find out who “Pis…the furthest” or is the more virtuous,
and that appears to  willfully and  blindly ignoring conciliation
or mediation, we are thanking Justice Gouin and Savard, to invite
both parties to discuss outside the courtroom, to arrive at a
settlement, and really start looking after the real problems animals
are facing. However, it would be possible that a more persuasive
tone by the Courts (as Section 9 of the Civil Code of Procedure
allows the Judge to “strongly” recommend conciliation, provided…
circumstances are in favour of it) could bring both parties to sit down,
and once and for all, seriously start thinking about the animal
and the taxpayer’s interests!



Notwithstanding the upcoming decision by the Appeal Court,
we suggest that both parties sit down without lawyers
(Clanimal is even willing to act as a mediator!) and with
the help of others, such as behaviour specialist and the
only 2 behaviourist veterinarians (out of the only 4 in Canada)
located in Quebec, naming Dr Martin Godbout and Diane Frank,
to start right now to take a more realistic and pragmatic
approach and thus redesign the by-law presently being challenged.

In the interim, we are inviting all of you to read
“To Understand Animal Problems in Quebec”, and after reading
the article, click on the links to know more about the various
solutions Clanimal has been, for the last 5 years, proposing to Quebecers
since its mission is constantly improving relations between human and animals,
in the respect of one another as with the environment!”

Enjoy the reading and please let us know what you think about suggestions;

The Guy (“”)


The Guy

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  • Robert Lemieux

    good article, thank you.
    Fully agree that the SPCA is NOT fulfilling it mandate by pis*ing away money by targeting solely the “Pit Bull” clauses of the legislation.
    and Demagogue Codingue doesn’t care how much money it costs as long as they mention his name.

    • The Guy

      thanks Robert for your comment (just saw it)

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