To live its Uniqueness and not its Difference

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To live its Uniqueness and not its Difference,

According to Virus senior animal advisor at

(comments on the LGBT parade in August 2016 in Montreal)

Many of you will say:” But… how can a dog help me assume
who I am with confidence according to my own uniqueness and
not according to “my difference”? It’s simple, the dog is a
creature of instinct, and as such, can only rely on it and
its instinct leave no possibility for doubt, the dog could
only either listen or not to it!

Every day, I observe my guardian and I am capable of feeling
his emotional reactions, that sometimes brings me closer to
him and sometimes further away. So you see, since dogs have
been domesticated by the humans, it has developed  this c
apacity to feel how humans react (first because of hid body
chemical reactions, due to our powerful nose!)
at any moment of the day.

So when I saw the LBGT parade, last August in Montreal,
I was able to witness how many people feel great being
who they are!

Ah I can “smell you” coming with your comment about that it
was easy for people to feel his way, being in a festive mood,
so that’s why everyone was in such a good mood. Yes there was
lots of “happy people” and I felt they were genuinely
proud of who they are!

Virus ``Hockey Guru`` Clanimal

However, I’m asking myself a question about a certain
approach taken to emphasize the “difference” instead of the
uniqueness of the personality of each person making up
the LGBT community.

As a matter of fact, why bring the attention onto what
is “different” (thus bringing the attention on what could
indispose us because of the “difference” and humans do not
understand what is different from them, so this becomes
potentially a negative experience) instead of focussing
on what is unique about a person (so you add something
that isn unique about the person instead of looking at
what is different, and thus, taking away from what
makes this person so unique).

I know, as how you humans would say:
Is the glass half-full or half-empty?

“So I invite all of you to start looking at the glass
as half-full, since looking at it  the “other ways”
for so many years, hasn’t taught you that it doesn’t
work, and there is still discrimination and difficulty
to include members of the LGBT community in society.

Virus ``Hockey Guru`` Clanimal

You know with us (dogs), and I believe it’s
pretty much the same with the other domesticated
species, we do not base ourselves on the
differences existing between ourselves, since we
are used , according to our instinct, not to
complicate matters as humans do!

As a dog, when I smell another dog
(in my case another Deutsche dogge) I smell
a dog similar to me that, at the same time,
has a unique temperament  to itself.
I do not smell a dog that lives in a mansion
or that is chauffeured around (it’s true we
can’t have a driving permit except for certain
dogs that I have seen on You Tube…lol),
I only smell another dog that is either
reserved or dominant, or happy or distant.

Virus ``Hockey Guru`` Clanimal

And it’s the same thing with humans,
that you are rich or poor, short or tall,
fat or slim, it doesn’t make a
difference to us!

We look at you as all on the same level,
“appreciating” each of you have a unique
personality (or in some cases, your lack of!)
in a form that is for us, your energy.
This brings you to consider we give you
unconditional love!

This unconditional love seems unreachable
to humans. Is it because of your capacity
to reason? So instead to be “in the moment”
(like us) and not to judge or only see
differences between yourselves, you do not
follow your instinct (like us!). I do not
know, like humans, to think or rationalize,
and I still have a capacity to follow
my instinct, so this allows me to “smell”,
as an observer, who humans really are.

Virus ``Hockey Guru`` Clanimal

After all, didn’t we got used to be
“adapted” to humans for hundreds of years,
well enough to become “part of the Family”!

We have therefore showed an attitude that
has allowed us to evolve as animals,
as an example, in our “standards of living”
(despite puppy mills and the mistreatment
of so many of my siblings).

So why wouldn’t all of you do the same as we do,
by starting to listen more to your instinct,
also focussing on other uniqueness, whether
it’s a co-worker or a team mate in your sport’s team,
so you start seeing this “plus side or uniqueness”
that this person brings into your life, instead of
what is the “difference” between you, thus underlying
mistrust about what you do not understand.

Virus ``Hockey Guru`` Clanimal

In the end, this is only the point of view of a dog…
the same dog humans revere as the only capable
living creature of unconditional love…so, can this dog
that “talks” to you about uniqueness and instinct,
could show you the way to a better road in your lives?

My instinct says that you have everything to gain
and nothing to lose!

Virus, senior animal advisor at

Virus ``Hockey Guru`` Clanimal

The Guy

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