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Virus has a message to the HABS players
for tonight vs Maple Leafs

“Hi to everyone,

Regularly you will see messages from me during this season.
I am the biggest HABS fan and I would like so much to be
their mascotte and I would be great, don’t you think?

If you agree, let me know below in the comment section
and together let’s make it happen!

Virus “Hockey Guru” Clanimal (senior animal advisor at

(ps1:While you are on the website, why don’t you do the
Quiz “The Dog’s Choice”
and find out what breed is matched to your personality…
if you have one!)

(ps2: My lawyer told me to write this…”The Montreal Canadiens logo
is managed by the NHL and is owned by the company that Geoff Molson
is the president. Hey…I’m just a dog being so proud of the HABS!”

Virus ``Hockey Guru`` Clanimal
“Virus “Hockey Guru“ Clanimal”

The Guy

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