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BAN the Retractable (Flexi) Leash?

For years now I have been walking Virus 2-3 times
every day for about 2-3 hours every time, therefore,
I have over 9 000 hours of being in public with him
seeing other dog guardians (and other dogs) behaving
in so many different ways. One thing, however,
is constant with the Flexi leash is that

Here is on what basis I stand by this:


1. Control Problems with the animal

I have read more than 10 documents written on the
matter, mostly by veterinarians, covering the period
of 2010 to 2016, and the unanimous conclusion is
that you have less control with the retractable
leash. Moreover, another conclusion arrived at by
the specialist is that the animal will pull even
more while using it!

So why do people use the retractable leash?
The argument mostly used is that it allows the dog
to “discover” without being off leash, so therefore
it is protected. This makes absolutely no sense, since
people using it has a fake sense of security!

Here is how it goes:


a)       most people keep having the finger off the “breaks”
of the leash, so the dog ends up at 10, 20 and sometimes
30 feet from its guardians. So at these distances, many
things can happen (and do happen): the guardian controls
the animal even less at a far distance from itself than
if being at 2-3 feet! Imagine a 20-50 kg (40-100 lbs)
dog “swinging ” at the end of a retractable leash 15-25
feet away from its guardian,    for you who remember your
physics principles, all of a sudden, a dog is reaching a
weight many times his actual weight…so very few control
and strength to handle   the animal!

b)      when walking with your dog 10-20 feet in front of you,
the image in any dog’s  mind that you come across is that there
is a “missile” coming its way (imagine being a soldier in
Julius Cesar’s army with your 10 feet long spear forging ahead
on the battle field…that’s what you look like!).

Since the dog pulls more, it becomes a more aggressive posture
for the one    attached to the retractable leash and that renders
the dog being met, more on the defensive (even more for a fearful
or nervous dog…which mostly are)! And, that’s when the “shi..
hits the fan!” and most likely chaos or even a fight follows up.

c)       in any manner, dogs properly trained to walk will walk
next to their guardian, and     not in front (especially not
10-20 feet ahead of the guardian). I would say that most dog
guardians let their dog “do the walk”! Then most of them wonder
how come their dog misbehaves and end up spending fortunes on
trainers or  behaviourists when a simple adjustment could be

2. Injuries caused to Humans and Animals

To humans: since most retractable leash are made of a
thin (almost razor edge) metal wire can wrap around one’s
fingers or legs can “snap” and injure seriously the animal
guardian. Another “potential serious hazard” is by being
in front of its guardian, anybody coming into the path
could simply trip over the retractable leash, and who
would be responsible…the one holding the retractable leash,
of course!

To the animals: the first one coming to mind is, being attacked
by the dog reacting defensively, because your dog is rushing
towards it! Or imagine your dog “lagging” behind during crossing
a busy downtown intersection, and you have an “impatient” driver
turning right behind you, and….you know what I mean! Another
potential injury would be spinal or neck injury because of the
break (on the leash) being triggered suddenly!

3. Common sense is to ban them 

So how come pet stores everywhere still sell them? At Clanimal,
we believe that by bringing the issue forward and by our members
and friends sharing this editorial, we could start a powerful
and effective movement to achieve the banning of retractable
leashes soon enough! Or at the very least we could make people
more educated about getting better trained and less dependent
on “gadgets” such as a retractable leash, to better control the animal!

Now imagine a retractable leash combined to a harness (or worst
a head leader!), imagine the lethal effect (also read
The Head Halter & Harness Police VS Montreal dog owners!


Now, we invite you to read the different editorials written on
the present matter that you can read at the
Learning Center/human/editorials (click here),
or start your animal education by completing  
Matchmaking Dogs with You
 and please share it with your friends
and family to help a dog and its future guardian!

Until next time, please send me your comments right here below
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(FB, LinkedIn (bernard t raymond, entrepreneur)
and on Twitter @weareclanimal

The Guy (theguy@clanimal.com)


The Guy

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