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Humans need animals, but sometimes the reverse is also true.
Many animals’ lovers come to the aid of creatures in need.
This is the case of the organism Animal Aid India.
This organization saves the lives of many animals that
have been attacked or have been victims of accidents.
Clanimal supports their cause, which is caring and respect
for animals, regardless of the type.

Animal Aid India has also shared on their You Tube account
two of theirs rescues. One involving a donkey and the second,
a cow:

If you want to learn more about the mission of Animal Aid or
if you would like to donate, here is their official website.

Now, we invite you to read the different editorials
written on the present matter that you can read at
the Learning Center/human/editorials (click here),
or start your animal education by completing
Matchmaking Dogs with You
and please share it with your friends
and family to help a dog and its future guardian!

Source: Youtube and official website of Animal Aid Unlimited India

Amelie Delobel

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