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Ban foreign students from owning pets?

That’s the wish of many Australians animal lover.

Since many years, many family  companions,
those are mostly dogs, are often abandoned
on the edge of highways. Indeed, many foreign
students who come to study in Sidney, purchase
an animal only for the time of their stay.
However, just before leaving to return to their
native country, they don’t know what to do with
their pet. That’s why they leave their
companion behind.

Dr. Kovac of the Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic’s
launched a video on Facebook that has been viewed by
more than 10,000 users to denounce this situation.
He hoped that the Australian government will act by
creating laws to counter this scourge. According to
the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals (RSPCA), more than 130,000 animals are
abandoned each year. This situation has to change.

To read the full version of this story,
you can visit the website.

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Amelie Delobel

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