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Today is the day we remember our fallen soldiers
during the wars humanity has faced.

More and more, animals are serving, whether on the
combat field as away from it, helping soldiers deal
with trauma lived on the battlefield.

Today think of those animals who often give
their lives to save other soldiers.

Let’s not be stopped by our perception of who
they are…just animals.

Just ask a soldier who’s live has been saved because…
“it’s just an animal” was there to detect an IED or an
enemy soldier because for that soldier and its family…
this was not “just an animal”…IT WAS A HERO!

We now invite you to read the editorial

Often animals serve their country in difficult
circumstances so

What about showing them gratitude, empathy  and compassion, towards them?
How about granting them same recognition and protection as their human

Clanimal says YES!

We now invite you to read the editorial

Grant Status Member to Animals in the Armed Forces, Police Forces
and Civil Security 
written on the present matter  or
tart your animal education and also please complete  Matchmaking Dogs with You 
and please share it with your friends and family to help a dog and its future guardian!

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The Guy

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