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Pizza is finally released!

Clanimal wrote
an article recently about Pizza
this polar bear who was
in an aquarium in a shopping mall in China. Popular pressure finally
allowed the release of Pizza! Indeed, “the saddest Bears of the World”
will be returned to northern China, in the Ocean Park where he was born
according to the Daily Mail, a British newspaper.

According to Peter Li of the “Humane Society International” organization,
he admitted to the “Daily Mail” that Pizza suffered greatly in his aquarium,
he lived a life of deprivation, which should not be the case for any animal.

However, managers of the centre where Pizza lived has left some doubt about
his relocation, that could be only temporary.

Xiaona Qin, the director of “Capital Animal Welfare Association” believes
that this battle is not won yet until, the official withdrawal of the polar
bear in Grandview Shopping Mall is finalized.

Clanimal, like all animal lovers, is obviously pleased with the outcome of
this situation, and wishes Pizza will never return to this cursed.

To read the original article in French, it’s available on the TVA Nouvelles website.

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Source: TVA Nouvelles

Amelie Delobel

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