Why do we play God? Understand the Craze for “Frankendogs”! (1 of 2)

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Why do we play God? Understand the Craze for “Frankendogs”! (1 of 2)

I’ll be very straight with you,
I love (rather “adore”) animals and I am equally adamantly
opposed to see humans “playing Mother Nature”, and this is
exactly the case, with the latest crave, taking over many
parts of the world, about “Designer” dogs, or
what I prefer calling “Frankendogs”!


We celebrate the adoption of abandoned animals from shelters

I am far, very far from being a snob, and I am the first one
to celebrate the adoption of abandoned animals from shelters,
as much as I have done myself, buying from a reputable breeder.
Even to the point of “cringing” when I hear people say :
“Oh…I have a Mut” when talking about a dog this person
adopted from a shelter.

My quick automatic reply is always: “Now don’t say that,
your dog has the same “parts” as mine has, coming from a breeder
and, let me tell you even in breeders, you will find unscrupulous
and dishonest ones…I know I have encountered some”.


Hypoallergenic attributes about the dogs?

What makes me upset is that certain people take advantages
of others, by claiming amongst other “claims”,  hypoallergenic
attributes about the dogs they sell (which is basically 100 %
of the time…untrue! See: Pet Allergy: Are there hypoallergenic dog breeds),
while selling “adorable” puppies for hefty prices!

Since people “snubbing” shelter dogs because they want a
“one of a kind” dog, hence the expression “designer dog” label,
specifically created by marketing people when the saw that
the only way to sell “mix breed” animals, considered “mutts
or un-pure”, was to literally invent an expression to
willfully blind people about the true origins of the dog bought!


In other words, making a buck on false pretences, taking advantages
of the gullibility of certain people (or their wilful blindness) or
worse, their vanity, is what I have against “Frankendogs” breeders.
At the same time, I am very worried about breeders wanting to “purify”
a breed and falling for inbreeding (breeding from the same family
members) in order to achieve such “pure” breed!

So now, I would like to take you on a “Tour” in the world of “Frankendogs”
aka  the “designer dogs” so you can witness yourselves, how much a mistake
this has been for the last twenty-eight years!


Mr. Conron then turned to the Labrador bitch he had and
created three cross-breed puppies

In 1988, Wally Conron, a breeding manager for the Royal Guide dog
association of Australia, was asked if could breed a dog (that would
be trained for a blind woman from Hawaii, married to a dog man with
severe dog allergies) with “hypoallergenic” attributes. So Mr. Conron,
knowing that standard poodle is great working dogs and that they
don’t shed, then went on to try 33 different poodles as guide dogs
and they all failed.

Mr. Conron then turned to the Labrador bitch he had and created
three cross-breed puppies that needed to be boarded, to be trained
as guide dogs. Surprise, nobody wanted to take the puppies in since
they all wanted pure breeds!

Mr. Conron turned to the PR person for the Guide dog association of Australia,
who allegedly told him the following: “Just tell the Press you created
a new breed of dog…the Labradoodle (name Mr. Conron came up with),
and everything just turned fine!!



Reality was different. As a matter of fact, out of the 3 puppies that were
tested for allergic reactions by the husband of the blind woman from Hawaii,
only 1 did it. Then in a subsequent litter, only 3 dogs out of 10,
matched a somewhat hypoallergenic profile!

And there lies a very important problem with this “make believe scheme”…
uncertainty about the genetic results for the animals cross-bred, in other words,
you cannot predict the genetic makeover of each member of a cross-breed litter
(when nature is involved) since in nature (like we all know) surprises are a
dime a dozen!
I’ll bet you that even in controlled environment,
predictability is not a guaranteed attribute!

Next week…the rest of this unwanted treatment of dogs!

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