HABS vc Senators: Virus says :Tonight it’s “Double G’s” night!

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HABS vc Senators: Tonight it’s “Double G’s” night!

I asked these guys for 2 goals each and
Radulov…play your usual!

Have a great game! Go HABS Go!

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our questionnaire that matches a dog to your personality, and please
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Until next time, if you would like me to become the HABS mascot,
start a campaign on the web to achieve that!
(I would love this so
much because…I’m just crazy about the HABS)

Virus “Hockey Guru” Clanimal ( Senior Animal Advisor at Clanimal.com)

(please send me your comments right here below or
at “theguy@clanimal.com” or on any of our social
media venues (FB, LinkedIn (bernard t raymond,
entrepreneur) and on Twitter @weareclanimal)

Virus BTR Mai 2014 Game 7
“Virus “Hockey Guru“ Clanimal”

The Guy

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