Why do we play God? Understand the Craze for “Frankendogs”! (2 of 2)

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(Last week I took you on a “Tour” in the world of “Frankendogs”
aka  the “designer dogs”, and you were able to  witness how much
a mistake this has been for the last twenty-eight years!
We looked at the origin (Wally Conron in 1988) and began looking
at what is the reality of this world of “Frankendogs”.)

Here is what we are looking at this week:

Moreover, in the case of the Labrador (which is overbred amongst
its own breed) mixed with another breed (such as the poodle) ,
“the resulting puppies did not have consistently predictable
characteristics!” according to Wally Conron.


He also added that “Although all Labradoodles have some common traits,
their appearance, working ability, and behavioural characteristics
remain somewhat unpredictable
. As an example, their coat—the reason
why the Poodle was originally part of the mix—there is lots of variability.
Labradoodles’s coats can vary from wiry to soft, and they may be curly,
wavy, or straight. Straight-coated Labradoodles are said to have “hair” coats,
wavy-coated dogs have “fleece” coats, and curly-coated dogs have “wool” coats.”


Mr. Conron added about shedding (a main advantage according
to mix-poodle breeders, after their “hypoallergenic”aspect)”:
They (Labradoodles) do shed. Although the coat usually sheds
less and has less dog odour than that of a Labrador Retriever.
In the Labradoodle, there is also no certainty that the dog will
be hypoallergenic!
Remember, the raison d’être for having these
crosses in the first place was to prevent allergy symptoms
(See: Pet Allergy: Are there hypoallergenic dog breeds),
and that characteristic cannot be guaranteed by simply
creating a Poodle cross!”

Finally, Mr. Conron says about his regrets of having created the Labradoodles:
“I opened a Pandora’s box, that’s what I did. I released a Frankenstein.
So many people are just breeding for the money. So many of these dogs
have physical problems,
and a lot of them are just crazy.”

On this breeder’s point, I invite you to read  Breeders &
Shelters 1
and Breeders & Shelters 2 to know
where Clanimal stands on this matter.



So if you add to this context that most people (if not a whole lot)
who started cross-breeding (as it became a fad) do not research the genetics
(family tree) of each animal bred,
I say
it’s paramount to play
“Russian roulette” with a loaded gun, developing  assured genetics
abnormality in the future. Many of the dogs develop eyes, hips, elbow
and heart problems, if not simply epilepsy or other problems of the
nervous system!


One thing that doesn’t help is that “stars”, such as Jennifer Aniston
and Tiger Woods, have jumped on the bandwagon and helped created a
“Paris Hilton” effect, fuelled by the “willful blindness” and vanity,
from the numerous buyers of one of the following “variaties”: Goldendoodle
(Golden Retriever/Poodle), Schnoodle (Miniature Schnauzer/Poodle),
Cavoodles (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Poodle), Roodles (Rottweiller/Poodle),
Yorkiepoo (Yorkshire Terrier/Poodle), Shihpoo (Shih Tzu/Poodle),
Maltipoo (Maltese/Poodle), Poochon (Bichon Frise/Poodle),
Lhasapoo (Lhasa Apso/Poodle) to name a few.


My prediction, and I am so sad to say so, is that in the next years,
we will witness an important increase in these “designer” dogs
ending up dying of genetic problems or cancer or simply being abandoned
in shelters everywhere, once the “fad” has passed and that physical
problems started to manifest.

Then, don’t you think it will be too late to do something about it…
you bet…but again, in this situation, ask yourselves:
“When do I prioritize being responsible and caring about animals?”

And how about I suggest that the time is NOW!

The Guy (“theguy@clanimal.com”) 

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