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ALL DOGS* will pay… the fine!

(Editor’s Note: 12/11/16 Section 21 of by-law # 16-060 in the City of Montreal
is quite clear:”All dogs over 20kg must wear either a harness or a Alti.

In addition in the first publication of the present editorial, we published a
letter received from the authorities in Montreal confirming the even
service/working dogs were subjected to the application of Section 21 except
in certain specific circumstances.

To this day, neither the SPCA nor MIRA have
stated their position on Section 21, has Clanimal has done for a while now.
Therefore we felt the importance to bring up the present precision since chances
are great that many other cities and municipalities in Quebec would be tempted
to enact the same legislation in a near future.

So more than ever, it’s time for all concerned responsible animal owners in
this province to rise up and clearly state to mayor “Bully Coderre” that we do
not want this type of 16-060 by-law.

And again, even if you are not from Montreal, chances are great that you could find yourselves stuck with the same by-lawapplied on your territory sooner than you think!).

(Editor’s Note: Contrary to your beliefs Mr. mayor “Bully Coderre”
you are not “justified”
to apply your ill founded by-law, by
the Appeal Court, it’s merely a legal technicality (and definitely not on
its merits and scientific basis, that the City of Montreal is allowed to
reinstate temporarily said by-law).

Pitbull Love

Last October 26, Clanimal published an editorial entitled
” The Head Halter & Harness Police vs Montreal Dog Owners!”

In which we analyzed Section 21 of the by-law on animal control
(suspended then, until yesterday, when the Appeal Court reinstated it).

In this editorial, we didn’t address a certain important group
of dogs that we identified as “collateral victims” of Mayor “Bully Coderre”
infatuation, and we give you: service animals! 

As a matter of fact,
Section 21 of the by-law (reproduced in our October 26, 2016, editorial)
it is very clear in the “mind” of the City of Montreal and in
Mayor “Bully Coderre” mind that all service animals in Montreal must wear
either a harness or a head alter unless…the user expresses doubts about
the capacity of the dog to perform its work wearing such a device and that
the animal’s veterinarian confirms such situation!


To that effect, we recently received a letter from the City of Montreal

(and we were also given access to an email from a Access Montreal office,
to that effect.

Unfortunately this
correspondence was written in French, and the summary is found in the previous
paragraph (but you can still read them if you read French).




At Clanimal we are of the opinion this requirement is profoundly
illogical and scientifically unsubstantiated while being totally
discriminatory towards responsible dog guardians (owners) that do not
have a service animal.

Because let’s be logical, we are talking here about the true nature of the animal, which in both cases, whether it is’ a service dog or not, is the same: it’s a dog!


Therefore, if the veterinarian of a service dog declares the animal
to be unable to perform its “work” (or for some other functions) due to
wearing the harness or the head alter, then, the veterinary of a
“non-service dog”, could as easily state the same thing about that dog
since, as much the service dog that the “non-service dog”, they both
are affected as much as the other, in their dog behaviour!

As an example, wearing the head alter. If worn loosely,
the dog can easily bite.

Too tight, then the dog will not be able to
communicate appeasing signs, thus causing an unexpected reaction towards
its guardian

As well, in both cases, a certain level of frustration going up to very high will
be felt by the dog, experiencing a restrictive feeling on his nose and
his mouth (similar to a muzzle!)

pitbull type dog

For us, the work of a service dog is totally separated from its
animal nature (being a dog) and it is important that Mira users of
service dogs understand this

Clanimal does not discredit the importance of the work performed
with the users nor the gains gotten from the political authorities
or the public.

To the contrary, Clanimal is profoundly behind the use of
service animals and  shall always be

(See: To Understand Animal Issues in Quebec)
, to the point of
even suggesting to start using the health care system to cover
the training, the supply and support of service animals to users.
Thereby improving greatly the number of users capable of working
with service animals!


So we are calling upon all users of service animals,
responsible guardians (owners) of dogs of over 20 kg, dog trainers
and behaviourist (specifically Dr. Martin Godbout and Diane Frank)
to join Clanimal, and keep from being applied this unsupported,
non-pragmatic and unrealistic requirement .

Together, let’s get this piece of legislation,
again not scientifically supported and totally irresponsible, off the books,
since it only represents mayor “Bully Coderre” total lack of respect towards
responsible guardians (owners) of dogs of more than 20 kg in Montreal
(and else where in Quebec
since many cities will “copy and paste” Montreal’s by-law).


Mayor “Bully Coderre” rest assured that Clanimal will make sure that your respect,
at all times, every Montreal dog guardians

and that your clear dislike of dogs (this being so clear from your reactions) stop guiding you
in the treatment of the majority of us, who are responsible guardians and tax payers
who finance this city and your administration!

Clanimal shall always be there to constantly improve humans and animals relations,
in the respect of each other as well as of the environment!

The Guy (

(please send me your comments right here below or at “”
or on any of our social media venues (FB, LinkedIn (bernard t raymond, entrepreneur)
and on Twitter @weareclanimal)

The Guy

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  • Erin

    Any dog can bite… not just dogs over 20kg… yes bites from larger dogs are more severe but a larger dog uses its bite as a last resort… its hackles go up, it growls, snarles, and barks first… a smaller dog attacks first because it doesn’t have a powerful presence and must prove they need to be feared… this law is so arcane and ridiculous… for me, it’s not the dog but the human who trained the dog that should be held accountable… I mean, we blame the parents of kids who are out of control don’t we?

    • The Guy

      We cannot agree with you more and we thank you for your comment!
      Like you wrote, parents are responsible for unruly kids so as guardians of animals, Clanimal says we have the same responsibility (make sure they behave properly as animals in public and that we never impose our pet to other people who do not feel at ease or are afraid) We live in a society where the freedom of one stops where another one’s freedom begins (as they say).At Clanimal, we have been promoting, for the last 4-5 years, mandatory courses for anyone welcoming an animal into their lives so they are given the knowledge and the tools to make this relationship great for humans and animals alike! Thanks again for your comments and please share with your network so we can get more people telling “Bully Coderre” that it’s time he listens to us and do what’s best for us !

  • Grace wanyura

    It is obvious the Mayor has zero common sense and zero dog sense.

    If someone doesn’t like animals, they will not have empathy for people either.
    His viewpoint that only dogs over 20 lbs can be harmful if they bite is ridiculous.
    His understanding of service dogs is minimal. And his lack of compassion for those who need their service dogs (by suggesting their dogs are dangerous rather than offering help and hope) is a disgusting affront to their owners. What about seeing eye dogs?
    Has he ever had a dog? Some dogs might bite, some cats might scratch, some horses might kick, and some people might beat their kids, murder other people and partake in all sorts of atrocities. And If we teach our kids to be suspicious of others because of what is and maybe’s don’t we call that racism?
    Isn’t that what the Nazi party was all about?

    • The Guy

      Thank you very much Grace for your opinion.
      We agree with you that “Bully Coderre” (and we nicknamed him…”Bully” because he, like you wrote, shows no empathy towards montreal dog owners, and he just “rams through” whatever he wants to do, to the population of Montreal, in this case, without being backed-up or having done his homework prior to having the by-law into effect).
      Basically, he stated that he was going to protect and “secure” the population and for one very sad situation (yet, if the actual cause of death could be known, it would shed important light on the matter), like the politicians we choose to elect, he decided to react to get rid of the problem the fastest way possible, disregarding common sense and science in the matter!
      Now, if he doesn’t want to loose face (and he is very stubborn) he will not back off, unless the population make him understand he crossed a line that will cost him dearly in the next election. The fact that the by-law covers even service/working dogs is also another highly questionable point in the legislation. Even though, as we have written, there is no difference between the behaviour of a service/working dog and any other dog (a dog is a dog, and still is a dog, and will always be a…dog!)! Prior to “working” (or performing a task), first and foremost, it is a dog with everything that it means (yes a service/working dog can and will bite, given the right circumstances…any behaviourist will confirm that!). It just shows how he (like you said) lacks the empathy towards his fellow citizen and animals!
      Thank you for your support Grace, and please share the posting as much as possible, so we can get the population to rise up above mayor “Bully Coderre” disrespect for responsible montreal dog owners!

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