HABS vs Blues: Virus says “Tonight play 60 minutes again!”

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HABS vs Blues: Virus says”Tonight play 60 minutes again!”

Pressure on the goalie, quick passes & interchange positions…
that will give ‘em the Blues!

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Until next time, if you would like me to become the HABS mascot,
start a campaign on the web to achieve that!

(I would love this so much because…I’m just crazy about the HABS)

Virus “Hockey Guru” Clanimal (senior animal advisor at Clanimal.com)

(please send me your comments right here below or at “theguy@clanimal.com” or
on any of our social media venues (FB, LinkedIn (bernard t raymond, entrepreneur)
and on Twitter @weareclanimal)

Virus ``Hockey Guru`` Clanimal
“Virus “Hockey Guru“ Clanimal”

The Guy

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