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Whether animals are mistreated in Quebec
or else where in the world, Clanimal shall not stay indifferent to human
stupidity nor human goodness either. 

Presently, mayor “Bully Coderre” demonstrate
an unequivocal disgust for, not only “Pit bull” type dogs, he shows it
as well towards all responsible dog guardians of Montreal,
with Section 21 of by-laws 16-060. 

So join
to get rid of this by-law, by sharing our editorial 
“Bully Coderre” and Section 21…”
 as much as possible!”

On Clanimal, you had already presented you a few videos about incredible
animal rescues from Animal Aid India. Here is another one,
this time, the animal saved is a dog, which had an enormous head wound.
Although luck did not seem to be in his favour, the cute dog is now 100% cured!

Watch his incredible recovery:

And for you to live a beautiful story as well with a companion, start by completing “
Matchmaking Dogs with you
our questionnaire that matches a dog to
your personality, and please share it with your friends and family to help another dog
and its future guardian!

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Animal Aid India

Amelie Delobel

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