A future mom decided to celebrate her first child with her ‘furry kids’!

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Animal lovers are not always understood by those who are not. This is the case of the couple formed by Sanjana Madappa and Aditya Raheja, from Bangalore, India. Lovers already have five fur babies (their five dogs) and another will soon be part of the family. Indeed, the couple will have their first child without fur.

However, when the people around them knew the news, they were obviously happy for the couple, but they also began to worry about dogs. According to them, the baby was given priority and that is why the dogs had to leave their family.

This is not what the two animal lovers think, who confirmed that they were going to keep their dogs since they were full members of their family. In addition, the couple took advantage of this moment to take beautiful pictures during pregnancy. The furry companions were eager to see the new member of the clan.

A week after this photo shoot, little Ayan was born! Congratulations to the whole family! To read the story, it’s possible on the ntd.tv website.


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