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Obviously at Clanimal, we love animals! All animals, no matter the type or breed.
Also, we often share with you, on, touching stories from all over the world.
So today’s story will not be the exception. This is a story that is taking place here in Quebec,
and it involves “Paul”, a cute rabbit, who needs an operation, and if it doesn’t, the long-term
consequences could be serious. Paul’s guardian need your help … Here’s “Paul” touching story:

Paul is an amazing dwarf rabbit who have a lot of love to give and energy to spend.
We adopt him earlier this year at the Boucherville shelter. From the beginning, we have noticed
that probably Paul has been maltreated and deprived of food. Also, at the beginning, it was complicated
with our other female rabbit. But, with much love and patience, our two rabbit adore each other and

From the start 2017, Paul is very unlucky, after several visits to the Veterinarian,
we have learned that he has a cold. Despite 3 weeks of medications, he is still sneezing a lot.
Not long ago, we notice that he has some difficulties with his behind. In panic, we called our
Veterinarian, and help us have an appointment with the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de la
Faculté de Médecine vétérinaire de Montréal. After the consultation, the specialist arrived at the
conclusion that he has a dislocation of the right hip. The solution to make him a normal little rabbit
is an operation that cost $ 1 500 plus the extra, the cumulative total is approximately 2 200$.

Been a student, there is absolutely no way that we can pay from this kind of surgery. That is why I ask for
your help to sure Paul of a better future. Thank you for allowing us to continue this wonderful story
with our little baby boy.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your generosity.

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Here is the “Go found me” link: click here You can also hear their story on Isabelle Maréchal’s show on 98.5 FM: (click here)

Thank you very much to all the donors on behalf of Paul and his guardians!
Paul Rabbit

Amelie Delobel

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