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It was not easy to go on but we were determined to find other, cheaper and if
possible better land!

And….one day we found it! Our 29-hectare of farmland, with woods, streams and
lakes included.

But was it a real or were my eyes deceiving me? It was for sale by two real estate agencies.
So I called one of them and my most important question was if it was possible to expand the land,
sadly the person I talk to said no. Then I called the other one, Van Den Berg Immo.,
belonging to a Dutch man who had his business in France for a long time and has a wonderful team.
So I was on the phone with Marjan, a lovely lady with… a passion
for animals! I asked her the same question and Marjan said that there is a possibility to expand!!

So we made an appointment with the owners. A great Dutch-English couple. They came a long time ago
to France and bought 65 hectares, between then and years later they sold some but still had lots of land.
She wanted to sell almost 29 hectares.


We had a tour and we were stunned, this was ideal for elephants.

We talked with the owners and explained them about the project, because they were going to
live very closely, so they had to be ok with the idea to have elephants in their garden!

We went back another time, and another time…we want to be sure that it was it!

So after some time we made an offer for the land…and she accept the offer! We were so trilled!!

We were lucky that the land was in the same region (Haute-Vienne), (30 minutes from the other place)
so there was no lost time according paperwork.

But we had to be patient and wait until May 2016 before we could move in!! So we had to look for
an “in between” place to stay for another couple of months. And luckily our kind friends Jan and
Nike Kroes helped us. They offered us to stay at the Hameau des Chapelles
(a beautiful holiday park with wooden chalets) in very good conditions. Friends for life!
We stayed there from September 2015 until May 2016. We are so thankful for that!

So we were lucky that during those months we could put our stuff already on the new land in a barn
and to do some planning already! What an experience!

During that time we continued the dossiers and paperwork…little did we know there were more to come…

And then, at last, there we were…May 25th 2016: Elephant Haven European Elephant Sanctuary
signed!!! Elephant Haven has a land for the elephants!

DCIM100SPORT DSC_0036 DSC_0047

To be continued

Elephant Haven

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