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Hab Fans “John Tortorella: an Angel or an “As…”! You Tell us… and before let me tell you what Virus and I think:

February 28, 2017, Virus and I did what we’ve been doing for over 6 years now, confirming  HABS territory in the mind of the opposing team when they play here. This time it was the Columbus Blue Jackets, and we were ready to “bark” the message loud and clear (especially after the 10-…still too hard to talk about it for Virus!)

Then who do we see sitting in the first row in the bus bringing the players back from the morning practice? Mr. Tortorella and …he sees Virus proudly stating, on behalf of his beloved Habs, that Montreal is the “ultimate Montreal Canadiens territory!”

Photo: Eric Yainiri (Ericyainiri@hotmail.com)
Photo: Eric Yainiri

Showing defiance, with Virus sporting his famous “dirty look”by my side, I said: “Hey Mr. Tortorella…” showing Virus Habs jersey ! So Mr. Tortorella comes to us, and I tell him: “You know as a diehard Habs fan…I hate you …and as an animal lover, I think you are a great human being!. His face just lit up (kind of “glowing”). What made me say that?

Do you remember on January 29, 2017, John Tortorella chose to be by the side of  a 10-year-old pit bull named Emma, belonging to is son, Nick, currently stationed abroad with the U.S. Army, who was ill. Unfortunately, Emma died 2 weeks later of lung cancer! (photo)

Mr. Tortorella and his wife Christine have headed, for the last 13 years, the John and Christine Tortorella Family Foundation , a foundation dedicated to reach out to children in disadvantaged situations, help others who work to improve the lives of these children and their families, and to help those who protect children, animals and our environment from harm.

Obviously, we encourage you to support the John and Christine Tortorella Family Foundation. (click here)

Photo: Eric Yainiri (Ericyainiri@hotmail.com)
Photo: Eric Yainiri

As a diehard animal lover like Mr. Tortorella (I was even nicknamed “Pit bull” by my clients when I practised Law for 35 years!) I often used animal psychology analogies to explain human (and hockey) situations, and I believe rightly so, since for me the relationship we have with animals brings us closer to the most precious thing we have as humans…our instincts!

Now when he’s coaching against  our Habs, Virus and I will still “hate” him (as forever members of the Habs pack!) and at the same time, will bear the utmost respect towards a man (and his family) dedicated to help his fellow humans and their most beloved companions, the animals! Also, you and I share two common passions: one for animals and one for…hockey!

So Mr. Tortorella, I hope we will hear from your wife Christine soon, so Clanimal can start helping in sharing the message and the work of the John and Christine Tortorella Family Foundation! Now, I will let Virus express a “few words” about his thoughts on you in the video he shot recently…Enjoy…

So now, Habs fans, let us know what you think about Mr Tortorella…

Bernard Raymond, founder and Chief Passionate Officer at Clanimal.com

Now Mr. Tortorella, as habs fan, Virus and I couldn’t let the opportunity go by to “tease” you somehow with some “highlights” of some of your replies and “witty” thoughts… (part 1)

And part 2…have fun watching it!

The Guy

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