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At Clanimal, you know, we love animals. All animals, no matter their race. We often share with you, on our website, touching stories coming from all over the world. This is the case of the story of Paul, the rabbit, which takes place here in Quebec. We published this touching story some time ago here on our site: Save Paul’s Paw! Here is the follow…

Paul is a beautiful dwarf rabbit who are barely two years old. From the beginning of the year he had it tough. In February, he jumps from the knees of his daddy and landed badly. After a visit to the C.H.U.V., the specialist told us that Paul has a dislocated hip and the only option, in that case, is an operation. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the money to pay. I was distraught. I felt so guilty for the faith of my little baby. After his adoption, it was pretty difficult  with the transition, but with a lot of love we have a perfect little family. I really don’t want to lose him if I can do something.

Therefore, I rolled up my sleeves and switch to the attack mode. I created a socio-financing camping with «Go Fund Me.»  So, I send my story to a bunch of famous persons to take my cause further. Fortunately, Isabelle Maréchal,  radio host at 98.5 FM, invited me to have a radio interview to tell the Story of Paul and shared my action.  Following the interview, Bernard, of Clanimal, contact me to help me share my story in a bigger scale.  After all the «view» and «like» of the article on Facebook, I was unable to collect the amount needed to operate Paul.  However, I did not give up. I made numerous calls, but no one was able to help me in my situation. I finally was able to have a second opinion by another veterinarian.  Following the radiography, the vet was able to confirm the first diagnostic of dislocation of the hip.  The ‘’best’’ option is an arthroplasty ( Surgical operation on a joint), exactly what the C.H.U.V.  suggested.  But,  because the amount of the operation is too high and Paul seems comfortable, the veterinarian propose to wait and see the progression and if necessary we can amputate. In contrast, regardless of my decision, Paul runs a certain risk. Effectively, very disappointed that I can’t give the best to my little rabbit. But, with my analysis, my research and my many telephone conversations with animal health technicians and veterinarians, I don’t think that indebted myself for this, is not the best idea.

As you will have noted , the animal health is regulated by the private. In all capitalism system  is supply and demand. The cost of the service for the cat and dog is less expensive as for a rabbit. The rabbit is considered like an exotic pet. To become a specialist of exotic pets, they have to do 5 more years to have the diploma. In contrast, this veterinarian is able to make all the zoo animals. Which, in my humble opinion, is not really necessary to treat rabbit. However, the average annual salary for a veterinarian, according to « emplois Québec,» is $81 000. I personally think that they should take an example to the lawyers. In their case, they have the moral obligation to do pro-bono cause per year. Why the Vet can do the same?

After all that I have done for Paul’s cause, I was forced to see that all owners of ‘’exotic pet’’, and others, as no help whatsoever when your pet is sick and you don’t have any money to help them. For example, for a arthroplasty, like the operation suggested for Paul, we have to react quickly, in maximum two weeks top. After that, the postoperative pain is very high, because the muscles are beginning, on his own, to protect the articulation.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find any organization to help me in that situation. These days, we have a lot of requests to help a lot of cause and I understand that we can’t help everyone. But I think that is a shame that the animal always come last. As a community, we can ask that question : who are we to determine that the life of the animal is less important than our own? Are we blind to the lives of those we deem lesser than are own?

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Amelie Delobel

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