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I explain this “draft” nothing official, but as general information.

stella+logo2First of all you have to know that … -The dog STELLA is a “binombre” in military jargon … a life partner who is there to help his partner. He is selected for this job and his work is a game for him.

-The STELLA dog is selected to ensure that it has the qualities required to act effectively. One of the multiple things involved involves in addition, his detailed medical report. It is important … a lot of time and put on the animal, and I see myself badly withdrawing the dog from his master after 2 years of common life.

- The dog STELLA is then very well socialized in all possible public and private environments that the master could visit; Shopping center, restaurants, bar, fair, assessor, playground, etc.

-The dog STELLA is trained by a certified trainer and its training and follow-ups are ensured throughout its working life. This makes it possible to accredit and prove that the dog has the skills required to overcome the handicap of his master …

Basically, here are the steps …

1- Kindergarten
The puppy “STELLA” learns to socialize and acquire good manners: do not jump on people, do not nibble, do not bark unnecessarily, etc. It also teaches hygiene so that it is clean. This phase is based on learning obedience without correction, with positive reinforcement only. From the age of 10 weeks up to five months. Sometimes some puppy progresses faster so we can, develop phase 2 gradually.

stella+logo2- Obedience I
The dog “STELLA begins the obedience with the leash and the following commandments: sitting, lying, standing, with the foot, rest, come and sit or lie prolonged Any behavioural problem is corrected automatically … example: nibbling Leash … pulls on the leash … etc.

3. Obedience II
Here it consists in perfecting the obedience of the first level, but this time without leaving it. It also includes long distance reminder and seated and remote layer commands. Again, we use positive reinforcement.

4- Obedience III
It includes the perfecting of obedience with and without leash as well as signals that replace all verbal commands, using positive reinforcement. So without speaking … the dog runs! Now that the dog is a good disciplined citizen … we attack the specialization at the university !!!stella+logo5

5- Assistance I:

Start public assistance: public walks, transport by vehicle, safe entry and exit by car, escalator, stressful place with noise, knowledge of different places …

6- Assistance II:

improvement of public assistance with its future owner. This phase is the stepping stone between school and real life for the dog. Assisted by the instructor, the “binombres” get to know each other and learn to work together. The dog is educated … now we must teach the owner how to assist his dog so that complicity and chemistry are formed between the two …

7- Medical specialty I – II – III:

According to the medical requests of the person suffering from PTSD …
Examples: Night dream “light opening and awakening, hyper vigilance” secured places “, anger” active and passive reaction of the dog “, sadness” physical reaction of the dog “, displacement of the wheelchair, contact with the metal plates For the opening of doors … to pick up and bring back objects … etc.

* Phase 7 … is started at the academy, but quickly practiced in the environment of the future owner …. (home, place of work … etc)

stella+logo43Dog breeds: no matter the size, no matter what allergy or not … Dogs like schnauzers (miniature, standard or giant) are antiallergic … some people have problems on the back … so a smaller dog Could better serve them and the end result would be the same.

However, I must take into consideration that some public place or public transport (ex: airplane) according to the regulation or law does not tolerate certain dog breed, so why come up against dilemmas … and unnecessary paperwork ????

* A person already owns his dog and thinks he could do the job … why not, but a very thorough evaluation will have to be made, and this for a minimum of one month in accommodation. Then, will be followed by an adjustment and training for the dog and the owner. We must know that the dog does not know the work of helper dog …. If I place you in an ambulance and ask you to answer the call …. I would not be the sick person waiting for you If you do not know the craft.

Maybe you’ll be good and have the nerves for the job …but maybe not Same thing in your pitou

That’s basically the journey of a STELLA dog.

Eric Racicot, STELLA


The Guy

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  • Eric Racicot

    Thank you for sharing my life, my reality every day. Thank you for believing in the intelligence and behavioral power that a dog can bring to a person with post-traumatic syndrome. Eric Racicot

    • The Guy

      You are very welcome Eric and since Clanimal’s mission is to constantly improve humans and animals relations, your story is very important to help every one understand what people with PTSD go through every day and what organizations like Stella ca (and will) do for them! We are looking forward to you starting your regular presence on Clanimal.com!

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