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In recent years, the popularity of cats climbs in China. When Hou Na, a 27-year-old woman, explains that younger, like most children, her favourite pet was the dog. However, in recent months, his opinion has changed. Although dogs are loyal, joyful and energetic, made older, many people find them too noisy and require a lot of attention. This is not the case for cats that are silent, independent and mysterious.

That’s why in China, when people are older, they tend more to have a quiet and silent companion, including a cat. By the way, on social media, more people tend to share their moments with their feline. As cats are more independent, they require less time and so, the Chinese feel less stressed compared to their companion.

As When Hou Na explains, when she was a child, she could afford to walk her dog twice a day. This is no longer the case today because of work. What she also explains is that cats are a good companion for people who are often at work but who once home, allows them to have someone near them to feel less lonely.

However, per a Facebook study, this way of life means that more and more people are becoming sedentary and socializing less than people who have dogs. For more information on this article, please visit the Global Times website  (click here) 

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