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This story takes place in San Francisco, USA. Michael Fasman sees his 12-year-old dog suffers from arthritis
in addition to being hurt due to an amputated toe. He refuses to give her painkillers, since it makes her
completely knocked out. Therefore, the man has turned to another form of medication to relieve the pain of his pet:

Every morning, the man puts a few drops of cannabis oil in the yogurt of the dog, which takes only a
few moments to consume it. Per Mr. Fasman, he sees that his dog looks happier and seems in shape when she takes it.

For now, veterinarians explain that there is no scientific experiment to prove that this method was
effective and not dangerous to treat animals. Although marijuana is legal in 28 states, this is not
the case everywhere. Lynne Tigle, who runs an animal adoption centre, uses the properties of cannabis
to cure animals with health problems. Per her, we see the difference in their state of mind.
The animals they treat look more animated, cheerful and have less difficulty moving.

For full details on this article, please visit the Sun Chronicle website.

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