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There are stories that are more pleasant to write than others. Unfortunately the present one is part of the sad news’ category. On March 27th, a family in Winkler, Manitoba, was heartbroken after learning that their dog had been stolen from their yard and subsequently dragged behind a truck until death. This tragedy occurred the previous weekend. Her owner, Hilda Wiebe, had called the police on Friday night when she saw that her 8-year-old dog Rusty was gone.

According to the young woman, the thieves would have taken her dog, then stabbed him with a screwdriver, tied it up and then dragged it along the road. A colleague from Wiebe found Rusty a few miles away. He had a tow rope around his neck. The RCMP has said there is an ongoing investigation into this file, but cannot confirm that the dog was being dragged behind a vehicle. His guardian and her relatives are obviously very saddened by the death of Rusty. Hilda Wiebe said she would offer a reward to anyone who could give her information about what had happened if the RCMP could not find the thief (or thieves).

Anyone with information is asked to contact Carman at the RCMP at 204-745-6760 or anonymously call Manitoba at 1-800-222-8477 or submit a Secure Online Tip or TIPMAN message plus a message to CRIMES (274637).

For all the details on this terrible news, the article is available if you click here.


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Source: http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/canada/manitoba/carman-dog-family-killed-1.4042727

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