STELLA: Miracles from a Service Dog for PTSD!

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STELLA: Miracles from a Service Dog for PTSD!

Stella my service dog, responding to the signs and
symptoms of post-traumatic syndrome (PTSD).
My reaction in this video that I simulated, is sadness.

Stella, come to help me by marking his presence in order
to attract my attention by jumping on the bed.
She continued to make physical contact with me in order
to diminish my sadness. I even try to push her with my foot
to distract her, but she continues her work.

I am Eric Racicot and I am proud to be the founder of Stella,
a service dog “Stella, service dog” for veterans suffering
from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I was diagnosed
with post-traumatic stress disorder. Today, I proudly share
my life with my teammate, Stella.

My support dog has enormous advantages for me,
I proudly prove it in my video capsules.

Today, my ultimate dream is to be able to share
this possibility with my brothers in arms so that
they can finally regain the taste for life.

Thank you for your support!

Eric Racicot
Founder of (click)STELLA

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