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Every year, millions of animals travel by plane. It can be cats, dogs, rabbits or even hawks. Unfortunately, some accidents happen during these flights. This is what happened with a rabbit, who was found dead in a United Airlines plane couple weeks ago.

Fortunately, there are also beautiful stories to tell about some animal’s trips. This is the case of 80 hawks who had to go to Saudi Arabia and occupied part of the plane just for them! This is called a first-class flight. A turkey also had the chance to see its flight through a porthole. A fantastic way to enjoy the view.


(Editor’s comment: Clanimal invite the owner (or owners) of these 80 Falcons to consider investing the equivalent amount of the freight costs into one of the following “alternative” potential involvement from their part: Stop the Yulin Dog Festival, or, build shelters in certain areas of the Gulf States (like Dubai, where too many dogs and cats are abandoned every year! or in fighting Puppy Mills!

And you, what do you think?)


Also, be aware that there are animals in the airports, but they don’t fly. Indeed, those dogs and sometimes pigs help the more anxious passengers to relax before their departure. This is known as zoo therapy.

To know everything about these flying animals, the article is available if you click here.

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