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This story occurs in the United Kingdom. The organism Monkey World director Dr. Alison Cronin, as well as Mr. Drax and musician Peter Gabriel are coming back with their “Welfare for Wildlife” petition. The three have already amassed more than 110,000 signatures that aims to change a law in the UK.


Indeed, the law allows people to have as a pet a monkey among the 66 legal species without having a particular licence and even without registering the monkey in question.


These monkeys don’t live under suitable conditions for them, even some of them are living in small cages and not having the required diet. According to Monkey World, this is the biggest problem that face the organization. Dr. Alison Cronin announced that Monkey World received many calls of maltreatment to monkeys increasingly over the weeks. That is why the law needs to change.


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Source: dorstecho.co.uk

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