Not allowed to bring his companion in a public park or at the beach!

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A new government decree was issued in Tunisia. The new law states that a fine of 60 dinars (approximately $ 33.00 Canadian) will be imposed to all the persons who bring their pets in a public park or even at the beach. Moreover, it is now forbidden for a pet to bathe in the sea under penalty of another fine of 60 dinars.


Also, a fine of this kind will also be imposed to all the people who mess up the public places with the excrement of their companion. This new decree aims to punish those who harm the cleanliness of public places and the environment.


It was already forbidden to spit on the floor, to throw or put cigarette butts on the ground, waste, bottles, household waste or cardboard, both in public and restricted areas.


It’s possible to read the original article on website. The article is available if you click here.


And you, what do you think of this law?


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