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The following story takes place at the Belvedere Zoo in Tunisia. Some time ago, a crocodile was brutally stoned by visitors at that Zoo. Unfortunately, this barbaric attack is not an isolated case.


According to one of the zoo veterinarians, Amor Ennaifer, visitors often throw objects at the animals, like stones and rubbish. The most affected animals are lions and hippopotami.


Therefore, a petition has been launched on the Internet and it has been sent to the Tunisian Minister for the Environment. The aim of this initiative is to order the construction of stronger barriers to protect animals from visitors’ attacks.


Although the Zoo has taken the initiative to hire three additional security guards, this protection is insufficient. It will not prevent animals from receiving projectiles. This is why barriers are necessary.


If you wish to sign this petition, you can do so by clicking here.


And you, do you think a Zoo is “the place” for wild animals? Otherwise…where?



Amelie Delobel

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