Let’s Boycott Chinese Made Products…The Solution? NO to Yulin Festival!

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Clanimal.com is raising an approach that, in other circumstances, could be considered as “extreme” in the eyes of every one. We are referring to a boycott of People’s Republic of China made products, to send an unequivocal message to Chinese authorities in Beijing to start applying the appropriate pressure on the municipal authorities of Yulin to stop, once and for all, the Yulin Festival at the end of June 2017!

Clanimal has already denounced this festival in previous articles that you can read here and here. Fortunately, other people also think the same way. So much so that a petition has collected more than 11 million signatures! The Chinese authorities have therefore decided to impose fines of up to CAN $ 19,500.


However, this 10-day festival, which will take place from 21 to 30 June, will still take place. The authorities have announced that they will not ban the event. Remember that nearly 15,000 cats and dogs have been killed on average in recent editions.


The petition is already a good step forward, but it is estimated that more than 2000 dogs will lose their lives at this festival in 2017. For full details, you can consult the article if you click here.


In summary, animal suffering is an important problem of society. Many people who live in rural areas in China have compassion for animals, but nothing can be changed if the discrimination and injustice are present in society.


Therefore, to halt Yulin Dog Meat Festival would be a great step towards ending animal cruelty in China, while giving rural people equal rights.


If you agree, please re-post this message on all your social media, and together join our voices and our money, to finally give a voice that will make the difference for the dogs of Yulin!




Source: express-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org 

Amelie Delobel

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  • Kimi Sharma

    This is Bu****t
    Bl****y people
    Animals are not their food
    Stop this

  • Kimi Sharma

    Atleast fear of God, of Karma
    Stop this murder in name of festival

    • The Guy

      And one thing that will certainly make the authorities move is the commercial boycott of products coming from that region. trust me, Chinese authorities are very sensitive to financial burdens…That’s the only way cause petition doesn’t change anything…look at what all the petitions have done…change nothing!
      The Guy at Clanimal.com

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