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Vin Room in Alberta: for exquisite wine tasting with your favourite pet!

In what Clanimal hopes to be many reports on the fine wine and dining scene across the world, Virus our senior food & beverage specialist has interviewed Phoebe Fung, the driving force behind Vin Room and VR Wine that opened 3 locations in Calgary (Alberta) and Dom too!

What is unique about  Vin Room and VR Wine, other than being able to taste over 100 great wines, you can do such while being there 3 days a week with your favourite companion on the terrace!

So now here is what Virus gathered for

1. How did you and Dom meet?

A year after my first dog, Brewster, passed away at the age of 18 years old, I knew that my life would feel empty if I didn’t get another dog to share it with.

My husband and I researched breeders and found a breeder in Saskatchewan. We were lucky enough to pick up Dom at the age of 12 weeks in December 2011.

2. What made you choose a Pomeranian?

My husband is allergic to most dogs so a Pomeranian was the best choice for him.  Also, we both love to travel and wanted to get a dog that we would be able to take on a plane with us.

3. What made you name him Dom?

I had a contest at work when I first got Dom as a puppy and being a wine bar owner, it seemed fitting to name him after one of my favorite champagnes, Dom Perignon.

I also fed Dom champagne as a puppy and it turns out he likes it! (note from the editor: during this interview Dom did not enjoy a glass of his favourite bubbly!)

4. Now, Dom describe your days with Phoebe:DomandHisTies

I have the best life (that I wish to all dogs and cats too) since I spend most of my days at my guardian’s Phoebe wine store, VR Wine.

My true job there is agoodwill ambassador, even though I am truly a lap dog and I love to sleep on one of the bar stools in the store (not “under” the bar.

I do enjoy car rides (I’m working on getting my learners permit!

Hey, just the web, there are some dogs driving cars!) so I often accompany Phoebe (as a co-pilot) on many of her errands around the city.

I’m allergic to exercise (look at my body…no need!) , pretty much like my guardian Phoebe , so I don’t need to be walked much.

My favorite activities include sitting on Phoebe’s lap, and when I feel like I need exercise, I’ll chase a ball (hopefully soon, I can add signing autographs…do I need an agent now?)

5. (back to Phoebe) How did the idea to make your terrace at Vin Room dog friendly came about?

 I’ve travelled to Europe and to the United states, where the dog culture is very much part of the community.  I loved France where dogs were allowed to dine with their families and I really wanted to bring that back to Calgary.

I enjoy our summers and really wanted to make sure that I could spend some time on the patio with my favorite four legged friend.  Dom is such a part of our nuclear family that I wanted to make sure he was included in as many of our activities as possible.

6. How do you manage to keep all humans and animals chemistry in check?

We do have Paw Friendly Patio rules.  Dogs do need to obey the City bylaws, must be friendly and leashed at all times.

We try to create an environment that is comfortable for both dogs and humans- by providing dog beds for the dogs, a hydration station, cleanup station and dog treats.    We also allow the dogs on the patio on certain days (Sundays to Wednesdays) so that those who appreciate the company of humans only do have an alternative.

7. Is it a concept that you will seek to expand to your other establishments?

Right now, two of our three locations are dog friendly on our patios.  I’m working with Alberta Health Services and the Calgary Airport Authority to see if we can create a dog friendly “patio” in our third location.

8. Finally, could you describe what Dom brings into your life…

As many pet owners will tell you, there is a special bond between a dog and their parent.  Dom provides joy to those he meets- he loves humans and will immediately befriend any human he meets.

He has a big personality beyond his 8 lbs of fur and can easily sense when you need extra attention.   Whether I’m gone for a few minutes or a few hours, he’s always excited to see me and he is always around to share.”

So now, all of you, whenever you pass by Calgary, with your pooches, you stop at  Vin Room and VR Wine and say hello to Phoebe and Dom, from me!

I really hope there are more Phoebe’s and Dom’s around, because what they are doing is great to allow us to spend more time with our human guardians. Do you agree with me? Please comment about it below,

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