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A new video from the Save the Elephants Foundation presents a herd of elephants rushing to meet a new baby elephant baby who was just rescued by the organization. The survivor’s name is “Dok Geaw” and he will discover his new home at the Elephant Nature Park.


Dok Geaw will soon be two years old and he is more than cute! If you want to see the welcome that he has been reserved from his new family, here is the video:

Elephants are known to be deeply social and empathetic creatures. This video demonstrates it completely. To read the complete story, you can do so by clicking here (http://mashable.com/2017/05/29/elephants-rush-greet-baby-elephant/?utm_content=feature_title&utm_cid=mash-prod-email-topstories&utm_emailalert daily = & utm_source = newsletter & utm_medium = email & utm_campaign = & daily utm_sid = 51cd3ea3b91a7c788952ca12 # wDf3rMFz1uqH).


If you like elephants, Clanimal invites you to read the article Finally… Elephant Haven has the land! from Elephant Haven, that are regular contributors to Clanimal blogs!



Sources: mashable.com/Youtube

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