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Note from the Editor: ” For a long time now, Clanimal has let its position on Puppy Mills known everywhere and, that’s why we invite you to read some articles we wrote to help you better understanding what we say is needed to settle these situations once and for all! If you agree with our approach, please share as much as possible these articles to bring our politicians to apply our suggestions. The links are at the end of this story.”


Some time ago, le Chenil des Voltigeurs of Naji Majdalani saw the MAPAQ’s, the inspectors pulled a hundred animals from his puppy factory.


It’s after a visit by the MAPAC that the authorities decided to seize the animals. About a dozen of these animals were reportedly abused. The owner asserts that he is working well with the inspectors and is trying to follow their rules, but he can not comply all the requests that have been submitted to him.


He even says that the MAPAC has been on his back for eleven years and that he tries his best to take safe care of the animals. Meanwhile, spokesman Yohan Dallaire-Boily said the seizures go further than unhealthy or inadequate facilities. The health and safety of these animals are the most important.


Several years ago, in 2009, the owners were found guilty of uncleanliness and negligence. The numerous seized animals were taken care of by the SPCA. These animals will be evaluated by an independent veterinarian and could then be handed over to different agencies to relocate them.


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