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(EDITOR’S NOTE: When we read the following article, reality hits us right on “our kisser”, as to the total absence of respect and consideration , Mayor “Bully” Coderre has towards responsible animal guardians living in Montreal!
As a matter of fact, everyone knows by now that Mayor “Bully” Coderre hates dogs (not just “pit bulls”) mostly the “other 99%” of dogs present on Montreal territory!

His whole administration (including Annie Samson…from the same mould!) do everything in their power to make the lives, of all responsible animal guardians living in Montreal, miserable when you look at what the mayors in the United States are doing!
Read what wrote about the “pit bulls ” saga with this article and this one  and you too will agree that by its attitude towards animals, Mayor “Bully” Coderre continues to make Montrealers more than ever poorer, so in November 2017, let’s not have any memory lapse and…show him the door
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(Original title: Pets have a beneficial impact on their community!
A few days ago, at the 85th annual meeting of the US Conference of Mayors (USCM), the results of a new survey was published. The question asked too many mayors was the impact of pets in their community.



According to the survey, 82% of mayors announced that providing equipment and spaces for domestic animals have an overall positive economic impact on their community.
Tom Cochran, the CEO of USCM said that making their cities more hospitable places for animals can have so many positive effects. Among them, he mentioned the improvement of the (mental and physical) health of the citizens in addition to increase the values ​​of the properties.


That’s why the USCM has partnered with Mars Petcare, one of the world’s leading providers of pet care, to determine the resources that mayors need to make their communities more pet friendly.


At this meeting, officials announced that responsible education for our best friends has reached a peak, while 69% of mayors have agreed to a responsible education campaign for animal management. Another way to make their city more welcoming for pets.



To read the original text, you can if you click here.



And you, do you agree with the conclusion of this study?




Amelie Delobel

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  • Thériault

    The law on harness or haltee for dogs over 20 kg is ridiculous. Harnesses are for pulling so the owner has less control , and haltees are extremely dangerous if not used correctly. Dogs have been held with a collar for 2000 years !!! I should know , I’m a dog walker !

    • The Guy

      You are absolutely right on! In addition, Mayor Bully Coderre said that this measure was to control aggressive dogs and protect the population…Coming out of the mouth of a politiian…There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support the use of a alti or a harness. It makes the dog more uncomfortable and give a false sense of control to the guardian of the animal.
      The Guy at

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