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(Editor’s Note: This news is of particular interest to me since Deutsche Dogge are so dear to my heart, when you look at Virus! Clanimal shall always fight against backyard breeders, puppy mills and genetic manipulation of animals. Please use the links at the end of this article to rad about some articles written by Clanimal on some of these subjects, and, if you agree, share these with as many people as possible so support for Clanimal position grows stronger!)

Original text:

Bobbi Boudman of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, in the United States, said she suspected something. She has seen and heard things.


She did not know exactly how many Great Danes Christina Fay, recently trapped for animal abuse, owned while she settled in a big house two years ago, but she knew it was at least a few dozen.


She knew that Fay, her neighbor, covered her face every time she, Bobbi Boudman, was trying to get closer. The UPS guy has already spoken with Boudman and told her about all the dog beds and food he had delivered over time to Fay.


And the barking, of course. Boudman heard it every day for a long periods of time: one hour, two hours, six hours and she thought the dogs, the Great Danes, spoke to her. There was pain in these barking, intensity, something.


She was right. About 93 Great Danes, including 18 puppies, were discovered a few days ago. The police wore Tyvek costumes to search the big house. They found excrements and urine everywhere, coating the floors like wax, staining the walls like paint.


They found rotting meat and chicken. They found a single bowl of water for 75 large dogs over 200 pounds and over 6 feet tall when they stand on their hind legs.


The smell was unbearable. Christina Fay had already received some complaints due to the noise, which resulted in some small fines. So it was after several complaints and tangible evidence, including photos taken by a 16-year-old employee at the mansion showing the Great Danes in small cages and closed windows and brown substances everywhere and larvae, that the abuse stops.


The dogs were found with eye and skin irritations, an infectious disease and cut tails. Blood tests are currently underway and other diseases with periods of slow incubation may appear on the horizon.


Nine adult dogs are currently at Conway Humane Society. The rest is located in an undisclosed location, lodged by an improvised installation, thanks to the United States Human Society.


Conway’s dogs are nervous, but happy, said recently Virginia Moore, the general manager at Conway Humane Society. She obviously wants to find new guardans for all these dogs.


To read the original text, you can if you click here.


That’s why it’s always important to trust your instincts and denounce such situations. No animal have to live under such conditions and if the laws were more strict, this barbarism would perhaps have lasted less…


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