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At Clanimal, we like to give our members the space needed to tell their story with their favourite companion. Today, this one will certainly touch you… He lives with OCD and PTSD supported by the love of his family and his passion for Bulldogs…He is one of a kind…He’s Eiffion Ashdown from the UK!

An introduction, a welcome and a dedication :

Hi there, readers of clanimal.com!


My name is Eiffion Ashdown,  I’m living in the United Kingdom (UK) and I’d like to say hi and welcome myself to you all gracefully. I believe I was picked to write to you folk as I think Bernard (owner of Clanimal) has seen something in me. 


He wants me to share my story with all of you. As always, where do you start? How can you explain to people you have never met about a four legged beautiful soul that not only changed my life, but will have me with rather wet eyes whilst writing?


They say things happen for a reason. Destiny or fate it’s called and the beautiful soul I’m so fondly talking about is my first ever rescue bulldog Miss Scruffy Louise. Stocky build, brindle pied fur with super soft ears, this little cutie soon became best friends with me. You see what I have not mentioned yet is I’m a recovering mental health patient and dogs help with my anxiety due to OCD and PTSD. 


I would rather celebrate Scruffy Louise in memory than tell you how she passed, as I’m housebound we would spend 24/7 together. It was Scruffy that gave me the idea of « Collectibulldogs », the worlds first bulldog memorabilia collection which has changed my life so much you wouldn’t believe it. Thanks to these since I’ve been on TV, the radio, the news and I’m currently exhibiting at Brighton museum showcasing some of my best pieces. 

I am Eiffion Ashdown,

founder of Collectibulldogs.com


To be continued……. 


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Amelie Delobel

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