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On June 18th in India, in the town of Panchkula, three young men on a motorcycle kidnapped a three-year-old dog while playing with her owner in the Vikram Vihar complex. This high-security complex is part of the Army Welfare Housing Organization (AWHO).


The master of the pug, Ohinder Kaur, compared the kidnapping of his dog to that of a child. He and his family did some researches and they concluded that the three young people could be the sons of a woman who had already worked as a domestic helper for Mr. Kaur.


Kiky, the name of the dog, was going to celebrate her third birthday before being torn from her family. The daughter of Mr. Kaur, named Kirat, even left her job to search her companion.


The family continues the research and offer a reward to the one who will help them to find their best friend on all fours.


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Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com


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