A German flight attendant adopts a dog that has never forgotten her!

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As a flight attendant, Olivia Sievers, a German, often travels to Buenos Aires, in Argentina. In this city, she saw a dog close to her hotel. She then took the initiative to play with him and also feed him before returning to work.


This gesture, which may have seemed innocuous to Sievers, was not the same for this dog. Indeed, this one waited every day next to the hotel and hope that this woman will be back.


Olivia Sievers realized soon that this animal loved him very much. That’s why she tried to avoid him so that he did not go back to the hotel with her.


However, with perseverance, the dream of Rubio, the name of this dog, was granted. This woman decided to adopt him and bring him with her to Germany. It must be said that it is difficult to say no to this beautiful dog!


Here’s a video about their love story:

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Sources: blog.theanimalrescuesite.com and YouTube

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