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Update 2017 July — RAJA
Well back to report life is pretty normal in my world……my mistress is sometimes around more now that she is semi-retired. Then again sometimes she’s away for a week or two. Although she leaves Uncle Jacques to look after me & he comes in twice a day to feed me, it’s just not the same when she is away. I get depressed & a little pissed off. I may sort of mess things up & she patiently cleans up everything when she comes back home. I think she understands, I don’t mean to mess up but I just get stressed out……..
Lately, with summer I get out on the patio & lawn —- sun bathe & feel nature. Occasionally she has taken my leash off & I get to wander about. However, she is watching, & if I go too far, & don’t come when she calls, she will come & lift me up & carry me back to home base. If I push the limits it’s either the leash or back in the condo.
I am really chill with this, ‘cause I know she is just worried about me.
I sleep when I want; get my tummy rubs & ear massages – so am happy.


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