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Earlier this month, a woman was found guilty of negligence causing the death of her French bulldog, which had been found lifeless in her car in 2011. This was the first such case in the province of Quebec. This story takes place in Montreal.


However, the woman is convinced that her former companion is not dead because of the heat, but because one or several individuals would have poisoned her dog.


Marina Palakartcheva swears that her dog Ares was a good companion, despite sometimes his difficult character. It was her fourth dog and she considered him like her second son.


During a drive, she had to make a stop at the pharmacy. Palakartcheva confessed that her dog did not feel well. She even tried to give him a drink, but he did not want water.


It was when she was in this pharmacy that a man, accompanied by his dog, found Ares in pain. Still today, she refuses to believe that her dog died because of the heat in the car.


She even said that this story could have happened to anyone, especially since the incident occurred in the evening and not during the day.


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Source: montreal.ctv.news

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