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As is the case every summer, people leave their pets in their car while going shopping. Even if they swear it will not be long, it remains that this gesture is very dangerous for our companions.


A non-profit organization in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, visits parkings to release animals that would be in distress. So far, they have released more than 70 animals from cars, which can become real furnaces on hot days.


Rose Owens, one of the members of this group named Pet Patrol, made an experiment to prove why it’s dangerous to leave our best friends in the car even for a short period of time.


Dressed in a fur coat to represent the canines and felines’ fur, the woman locked herself in a car. She saw her temperature rise to 54 degrees Celsius in just fifteen minutes! The organization wishes this experiment will prevent people from leaving their animals alone in a vehicle. Remember that in Ontario, it’s illegal to leave a single animal in a parked car.


The police are even encouraging people to keep an eye open to prevent this kind of situation. To read the full article in English, click here.


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