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My love for rabbits started by accident. Since my childhood, I have rubbed shoulders with different animals. I had a cat (not very long), tree dogs and two birds.

I feel an unconditional love for animals. My mother gave me this love thanks to her father who had a farm. Now I have rabbits by means of my boyfriend. Indeed, when my boyfriend still lived with his parents, he wanted to have a pet to put life at his place.

On Kijiji, he found a rabbit ” fully equipped ” for free. We only had this nice little bunny a few weeks, because he attacked everyone who wanted to pet him. Because of our lack of experience, we decided to go and take her to a shelter.

As a result of his departure, my boyfriend decided to go get another rabbit, however, this one would be a baby coming from a breeder/farmer and we wanted to have a dwarf rabbit.

That’s when we got the beautiful Dora with her big ears. Our peanut is, however, not a dwarf rabbit, as you will see, but we completely fell in love with her beautiful little face and her big ears.

A few weeks later, we moved together with our baby and we could not be any happier. After discovering that Dora was making pododermatitis on her paws, we decided (following the advice of our veterinarian) to leave her free, without a cage, in the house. I have never seen her happier than ever since the decision was made. Today she is 2 years old and she is super clean.

We have long thought of finding a friend for Dora. A cat? No! A guinea pig? No, it would be way too nervous and should be in a cage. Another rabbit? Maybe!? … I read a lot on the subject on the Marguerite & Company website and we decided to adopt a male bunny in a shelter.

Dodo Paul

Our rabbit is sterilized so we wanted to have a rabbit already sterilized without paying the big price.This is one of the few reasons why we adopted in a shelter.

A year ago, we adopted Mr. Paul, a beautiful 3-year-old dwarf rabbit who is in super health. Thank you Service Animalier Rive-Sud!

To know the rest of my story and that of the meeting of Dora and Paul, come and read my articles every Thursday on Clanimal.

Thank you for reading me!



Meghan Hamelin

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