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Let me introduce myself, Brigitte Bérubé, I am therapist in relation
Specialized assistance in bereavement and animal assisted therapy or pet therapy.
Often people ask me why pet loss? This question simmered in my head for
a long time before I found this answer.
It was not I who chose it, it was mourning that chose me.
Indeed, in the space of a year and a half, I lost four cats.
Each loss was suffering.
Thus, my animals make me understand my mission of life. That is to say:
to accompany the people who are in mourning of their pet.
Through the weeks, I will tell you stories,
I will inform you about the mourning and its stages, I will give you tips
And tips to get through and recover your life and
Many other subjects such as this charming guilt.
Do you have any questions or things you'd like to talk to?
BrigitteBerubeBrigitte Bérubé
Humanist therpist
specialise in greiving
Brigitte Bérubé

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