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Would you have thought about walking your cat when you adopted it? Laura Moss, native of Atlanta in the United States, did not think so. But the one who decided to help a cat shelter was instructed to do it!


To her surprise, the feline did not seem to be accommodating at all about his harness and even seemed to take pleasure in walking with his new protector.


Laura has been walking various companions over the years. However, a decade later, she noticed that her own cat, Fiver, loved adventures. For this feline, watching the world from a window was not enough.


With her boyfriend, Laura then decided to bring her cat with her in all her adventures: climbing, walking and even travelling. At that time, the lovers had the idea to launch their own website reporting their stories at AdventureCats. More than 150,000 people visit their site every month!


Recently, Moss even published a book explaining how, step by step, accustom her cat to walk with a leash. It is possible to buy this book on Amazon.


The couple does not seem to want to stop this adventure. To know all the details about their history, it is possible if you click here.


And you, what do you think about this whole story?


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