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In India, the wind season has grown. So much that a viral virus named “Parvo” began to reach the dogs. Lack of awareness of the treatment ensures that canines have a high risk of dying from this.


Being an airborne disease, the Parvovirus has already infected several dogs in Trichy, a town in India. A veterinary clinic from Palakkarai confirms the increase of canines with symptoms since the start of the wind season. It’s the same for the other 12 polyclinics in this sector.


An animal welfare activist claimed that the polyclinic in Palakkarai received 20 to 30 Parvo cases every day in the last week. “Although viral diseases usually affect dogs, they are more than virulent during the windy season,” said honorary animal welfare officer G. Ramakrishnan.


He also pointed out that there was a huge gap between the number of affected and treated dogs. He blamed the public for not identifying the virus and not bringing the affected dogs to the veterinary centres for treatment.


It should be noted that the majority of animal lovers were unaware of Parvo’s symptoms. The affected dogs will show symptoms such as diarrhea with blood, fever, weight loss, weakness, etc.


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Source: timesofindia.com

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