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At Clanimal, we believe that all animals have the right to love and protection, just like humans. Nothing should stop a person from loving a loved one and sharing it with others.


All animals are not influenced by either religion, politics, sexual orientation or language, so why wouldn’t we do the same? We submit that by paying more attention to the way the animals live, we could only act better amongst ourselves!


In Malaysia, the majority of people adhere to a school of Islamic jurisprudence that prohibits contact with dogs. However, according to experts, it is political identity, not religion, that creates this taboo debate about “unclean” animals.


In early July, Malaysia’s federal religious authority publicly denounced a Muslim woman on Facebook, exhorting her to stop her “deviant” actions and repent. Her crime? Play with her dog Bubu and publish a video online.


Nurhanizah Abdul Rahman saved her dog from a massive elimination exercise two years ago. In July, she joined a Facebook contest by a pet food brand. To have a chance to win the prize, she had to record and download a video about her relationship with her dog.


The post drew the attention of other Malaysian Facebook users, leading the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) to publish a statement on the Facebook page of the Director General. The video of Nurhanizah Abdul Rahman was subsequently removed from the Facebook page of the contest.


Many other stories like this one have also taken place in Malaysia and others will surely occur in the coming years. To know all the details about this news, but also on this debate, you can click here.


And you, what do you think of this whole story?


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