It’s important to pay attention to the heat for our pets!

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On hot summer days, it’s not easy for everyone. Even less for pets. This is why veterinarians recommend buying a portable evaporative cooler as an easy way to keep animals fresh.


According to the National Center for Meteorology and Seismology, the temperature in the United Arab Emirates in summer increases to such a point. Indeed, the heat index indicates high levels of humidity, which leads to a sensation of temperatures of 66 degrees Celsius!


According to Lila Miller, Veterinary Advisor of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), “unlike humans, dogs and cats do not release heat by sweating, Insolation, which can put them to sleep in a few minutes”.


This is why pets, even in perfect health, can suffer from dehydration, heat stroke and sunburn if they are overexposed to heat.


Although we do not reach 66 degrees Celsius in Canada, it is essential to pay attention at all times to our pets, even more during the heat wave. It must be ensured that they are always fresh and that they can drink as they wish.


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Amelie Delobel

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