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Mumbai dogs will never have their place for them. Indeed, the BMC (the municipality) rejected the proposal to build pet parks in each neighborhood of the city, citing the lack of open space. Former Congressman Parminder Bhamra, who had proposed the idea in 2015, has now suggested that the city can at least reserve space in existing gardens for pets.


This proposal was also rejected by the Office of Municipal Commissioner, Ajoy Mehta. He said that “Mumbai lacks open space for the leisure and entertainment of citizens. Available open spaces are developed for citizens. Therefore, it will not be possible to create domestic animal gardens in each neighborhood.”


Bhamra expressed disappointment at this new response from the BMC. He said it was possible to share existing parks with pets. According to him, the decision proves that the BMC does not like animals.


Sunish Subramanian Kunju, of NGO PAWS, agrees with Parminder Bhamra. Kunju said that “this is a public demand and a need of the hour for the company. People need open spaces to walk their pets and it is the duty of the civic body to provide it. ”


This story has not yet come to an end. To know all the details, you can click here.


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