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I find it amazing that sometimes people ask me what it is: animal bereavement.
It's an animal who loses something?
It is undoubtedly that it is a term that is new, althought it exist since the night of time,
but the relationship with our pet has changed.
In the past, the animal were mostly utilities to hunt other species or to protect other animals.
They eventually came in to our house and created emotional ties.
Have fed them, pet them and gave a meaningful name.
What is pet loss? It's loosing a pet by absence or death.
What means mourning? to loose someone you love. And it's painfull
The stronger the bond, the greater the suffering.
Today i am speeking of a taboo subjet in this society of youth: old age and death.
You loose somebody, you have 1 day or 1 week off, then go back
to work and people expect you to be fine and over it.
We try to forget quickly and go back to spiining lives.
Animal bereavement is complicated in the sens that is hidden.
In the past times, people who were grieving they wore black
for a year and received codolences. Not today.
Bereavement will be experienced differently according the loss
of your past, your personality,
and culture and your relationship to your pet and how he died.
Lots of beautiful articles to come
Any comment, questions feel free to ask!
Brigitte Berube
humanist therapist
specialized in animal bereavement
Brigitte Bérubé

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