The Court allows animals’ owners to sue the online dogs factory, PuppyFind!

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An Arizona court allowed guardians who bought sick animals from famous puppy factory sellers to continue their fight against an organization that sells dogs online, PuppyFind.


This step will not be the last one against these online sellers, who promise healthy dogs and well-treated animals to future masters of these dogs, but in the end, they come mainly from puppy mills.


The new masters had their hearts torn by discovering that they had bought animals that had lived in an unhealthy environment. The amended complaint filed in February by the Arizona Burch & Cracchiolo law firm with the help of the HSUS legal team alleges that PuppyFind misled consumers.


Puppyfind made them believe that they were buying from reputable breeders by falsely infiltrating the seller’s notes and choosing uniformly positive reviews. In reality, the puppies that the applicants received came from George and Tabitha Doyle, who have a long history of complaints by previous consumers for the sale of sick puppies.


Ms. Doyle was convicted of 47 counts of cruelty to animals. The Doyles are also among several breeders featured in HSUS ’2017 Horrible Hundred report, which unveils the lugubrious dog mills across the United States.


PuppyFind stated that since the reviews come from users of the website, the website itself is immune from liability under the federal Communications Decisions Act. However, PuppyFind suppresses negative reviews on sellers, and the lawsuit alleges that they do so in order to tolerate artificially high scores.


Despite this victory of the Superior Court of Maricopa County in Arizona, the fight is far from over. The organization PuppyFind has already indicated that it would appeal. This is not the end…


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